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It doesn’t improve your speed when your scrammed or not using MWD and is way less efficient than Navigation and Evasive Maneuvering so get those before this. It has only 2 mids so remember, its easy to run if you’re losing since he doesn’t have a web. I would recommend avoiding all ships that aren’t easy when you’re flying the Basic Kestrel, maybe try the Moderate listed ones but be prepared to lose some of the matchups. I would check the pilot on Zkillboard first though because Comet is very commonly dual propped and a Dual Prop Comet will absolutely wreck you and is unwinnable. This skill is 3x easier to train than cap management so priortize this one first, I recommend getting this to level 5 as its useful on every single ship you fly, almost essential. While PVP is rarely that predictable, it's still useful knowledge to understand exactly which resists you should be worrying about against a given opponent (particularly for things like 1v1s when you have a reasonable idea of what you're facing). Interceptors do not get any secondary resistance bonuses so despite being t2 gallente it has the same armor resists as a t1 gallente ship, so thermal is a fine choice all around. Required for the recommended fit. Thermal will always come first cause everyone uses thermal drones, and is the secondary damage type of 3 of the 4 races. If the heretic has LML with bubble then the CPU is too gimped for a decent tank so you can win the all-in exchange, but this is the only circumstance in which you should fight. Recommend avoiding unless you know it’s a bad fit. You can’t beat this, Scorch S will destroy you, beam fits can track you perfectly in speed mode double click away. Always check for guns before engaging, do not fight if you don’t see a bubble go up. This tells you which type of damage is being applied to the target. I too thought gallente could be relied upon to output mostly thermal dmg :( given that everyone uses minnie drones I guess I've been limiting myself largely to kin and explosive all this time. This is a fight you can usually win. Useful Utility Skill, It’s not technically required but it’s very nice for longer warps which will cap you out with lowered skills. Its also slower than you when scrammed so you should always be able to control it perfectly. It can be a nice utility tho to help when slingshotting damp ships like Condors/Maulus slightly because it allows you to lock them sooner before getting them to 13km heated web range, Low Priority though as it only helps slightly in those niche scenarios. Enyo has an optimal bonus and a lot of gank, with some tank. Employ the same tactics as against a slicer, try and bait using gate mechanics and planet warping, avoid getting caught at a celestial though because if it catches you and establishes orbit at 30km you will die and not ever be able to escape or catch it. This skill improves your MWD speed, which makes it important. You CAN win this if he has void or CN antimatter loaded if you start the fight perfectly, you’ll die if he has null loaded but DDs very rarely load null and don’t respect you enough to do so. Respect the Crusader. If you started out as a Caldari brand new character, these are the skills that you will need to purchase from the market and acquire. It is useful to rank up though for other ships, can help a bit with neut defence. When flying the recommended, I would say you can take all the easy-moderate match-ups, and maybe try the hard matchups at difficulty. For example, minmatar are … Claw has 2 mids so you have range control, a PvP Claw is still going to be a moderate match up even if you mitigate most of his DPS however. price 52.786.050,25 ISK) With the extra skills from the polish section, the T2 scram and slight cost saving modules, we are now in the 160 DPS cold club, which is insane, the T2 scram allows more control at further range, and with your increased speed and missile range you can bait out Sabres and ships better. Only level this up when you have nothing better to train, it helps slightly when fighting against Sentinel. My fits do not use T2 Damage Controls but this is a very useful module for a variety of ships and this skill is required at 4 to use those, so getting it to 4 is useful in general. Try and bait him to follow to planet and kill him before his gang lands, Usually a support ship with dual webs and a light armor tank. I’ve killed several Sentinels in this manner. Level 1 is fine for a basic fit, the cap reduction doesn’t matter too much on the Kestrel since you fight outside neut range and the fit is completely passive and cap stable even with MWD on with reasonable skills. I recommend getting this to level 5, Caldari Frigate 5 unlocks a lot of future ship options, and improves a large variety of other useful ships you may use, like Heron for exploration, A griffin, and other options. EVE Online‘s new Into The Abyss expansion launched less than two weeks ago and I’m bloody obsessed with it!Players have had great success running the first three tiers of the new Abyssal Deadspace sites in tech 2 fitted Heavy Assault Cruisers and there are some spectacular fits out there. This is a very efficient DPS skill at 2% ROF per rank. If its just a generic sniper you can kill with tight orbit. If its rails with scram you can lose too, but this is often an AB only fit which you should never engage. This is a list of common PvP ships in EVE grouped by bonus type. Moderate (AC) Very hard (Artillery), AVOID (Dual Prop). If the Dramiel is not dual prop, you have a DPS advantage and can usually win the exchange if it’s a MSE, mwd, scram, web or similar fit. It has very high damage output for the range it can fire out to, rivaling Blaster DPS at 12km. I’d recommend trying to warp to planets to see if it follows you and then warp to the next planet the same distance that he warped in at, as you can usually catch him this way, fighting on gates and abusing gate cloak is a good way to kill him too, act scared and jump through a gate, slicers will often wait on the gate at 0km for you since they think you’re weak and trying to run from them, which should be about 12km from where you spawn and you can heat everything decloak+immediatly scram+web this way and get a kill. Claws are often badly fit so you shouldn’t have too many problems with them, just control them at 8km. Dual MSE Dual Neut you can run from, but don’t ever hope to kill it before it kills you even with Hwail S because it has 26k EHP and 91 DPS passive regen, Artillery will usually wreck you if it has a web. He’ll turn off your scram+web+mwd and you won’t be able to stop him from approaching you with his MWD. There are 4 types of missiles of the same type, Mjolnir, Inferno, Nova and Scourge, these have identical ranges, damage and application, the only difference is the damage type they deal. You can win against an Ishkur but you’ll be taking 90 DPS from drones the fight, just remember to play at scram edge always so you can run. thermal would easily be the most common - lasers and hybrids both shoot thermal by default, and in pvp there's really only two options for drones: thermal for highest dps, or explosive for highest drone speed We learn by doing - this video will show you what to do!Have 10 mil or more SP and looking for a corp? ... Eve Drones Pvp. With better fitting skills we no longer need the compact ballistic control unit for more DPS with t2, ditch the PG rig for another DPS rig. You can try it and run if you start getting owned, but don’t expect to be able to kill it, only if it has a bad fit. Mavic Pro 2 Drone Review. In EVE most people like to follow general advice about fitting, damage types, drones, and many other things. Amongst those that try, only a select few will master it. This assumes missile projection level 3 and caldari frigate 4. This is a fairly simple one, but I thought it made an interesting post given that some of the patterns were not quite what I'd expected them to be (in particular, I'd always thought antimatter dealt mainly thermal damage, while it actually does mainly kinetic). Eve Drones Damage Type. This fight is very difficult, a Sentinel will alpha your capacitor and then you won’t be able to turn on your scram web or MWD, You have one option against this ship, it lands at 0km from you, and you all in. There are four flavors of damage in EVE Online. I recommend getting this to level 5 after fitting skills/DPS skills, this helps a lot with reapproaching gates, scram kiting, slingshotting etc. Same Story as the Corax, if its Rockets, don’t try it. It gives more benefits than GMP 5 and Warhead Upgrades 5 because those are 5x rank skills, and WU is weaker per level, This is obviously super important to get to level 5, even for the basic fit. AVOID Dual Prop setups at all cost because they will wreck you with ease. Both of these ships are not popular in nullsec because of the weaknesses that they have (Speed, Cap) which you do not have, so you won’t be running into them very often. Even in an Assassin PvP Style fit, you can usually out-muscle it since it’s an attack frigate, just don’t face tank void at 2km and you should have no problems disposing of it. Atron is almost always going to be a disposable tackler used by nullsec gangs flown by less skilled players or as a free ship given out. The Garmur is one of the strongest kiting frigates in the game, if it makes the mistake of being in your scrambler range, it will die and usually drop some nice modules for you however! Certain types of missiles, projectile ammunition, and all hybrid turrets will provide this damage type. You can beat a non injected Hecate fit by kiting at 9km, and slowly wearing it down. Namely: EM, Explosive, Kinetic, and Thermal. Try hanging around 15km to bait it to use it and show you, I would avoid this ship unless you know the pilot does not have the missile disruptor or you know it’s a bad fit. It only has 2 mids so you can always run from it since it won’t have both a Scram and a Web. try and bait it by warping out to planets so he follows you and kill him there if you can get him to land at 0km on you. This is still an extremely difficult fight and you will want to fight as defensively as possible, luckily Daredevil pilots are usually very eager to engage you, burn away and hope you get some missile volleys into him and make sure you’re always moving in front of him so when you both web and scram eachother the iertia starts the fight at the very edge of scram range. Dji Mavic Pro 2 Drone Review. You have a pretty big signature radius so mitigating DPS from long range turrets can still be difficult if they have appropriate modules. You only need it at level 1 for the fit but Recommend to train to 4, at level 4 you also unlock the nanite repair skills which are great utility skills for roaming.+46 EHP per level, 5% Cap reduction for Warp Scramblers, Disruptors, Webs. The Tormentor has Capacitor issues in extended engagements so forcing him to MWD for you for 3-4 cycles can also move the fight into your favour, you can also try kiting at range and seeing if he’ll deploy drones and kill the drones before going in. Breacher is usually dual tanked rather than a single tank, so I recommend Inferno instead of Mjolnir despite its main tank being primary shield. The Four Damage Types. The Navy Hookbill does more DPS than you, and tanks more than you, with the same range. Check guns if it has ions or lower its an easy kill. This skill is not too useful, when you’re committed in scram range your MWD will be off anyway, or you can manually turn it off. Choosing the right damage type is important. I recommend getting it to level 3 since it’s a cheap and easy train. This gives us a significant DPS boost and with this fitting improvement, and the skills improvement, this kestrel does more DPS before heat than the Basic Fit does with heat, with better range. It also unlocks nothing. You’ll struggle to catch some kiting Frigates like Interceptors, Garmurs and Imperial Navy Slicers, but these fights can be manipulated in your favour by fighting on gates, and warping to celestials, plus, a lot of people who fly those ships often make mistakes and will die to you in scram range. For resource mining, you need a sufficiently high payload as well as a decent laser (try the MK3 first). This skill can help a little when dealing with EC drones but its never going to save you from any dedicated ECM ship. This is a Merlin, with more tank and DPS, and double optimal range bonus. So you won’t have to worry about your missiles not hitting. It’s very low priority to train past that, You need to train this to level 3 to train the Missile Rigging skill, this skill does absolutely nothing itself so don’t train it past level 3 it’s pointless, 1% less CPU penalty on Missile Rigs per level. Load some mixed T2 ammo as well and try not to leave any gaps in damage types you can fire. You won’t win even if it’s blasters and you kite it at 10km since the drones do too much DPS and you can’t kill them fast enough. If its a shit fit tackler or has 3 speed mods or something though, go for it. Its very hard if not impossible to slingshot a Garmur because of the defensive scram and increased point range. it’s basically just an Atron that goes fast. See Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9DMsZUxHFc. Otherwise, this is a winnable fight. It is not exactly what you want. Both of these are tough fights, when you jump into a sabre, burn away and wait for him to MWD to you, manually lower your speed or ctrl space occasionally while double clicking so he gains on you but try and keep speed equal at 14-16km while he slowly gains on you so he eats 5-6 rocket volleys before the fight starts, once you mutually scram each other, heat Scram and Web the entire fight if possible and kite at 10km. The Punisher only has 2 mid slots however so it will never be able to control you so just fight at 9km, if it starts winning, just align out and warp off. This is a very difficult fight he will win with navy CN explosive and 3x drones on you. Unlike most games EVE does allow you to … You start with this skill at level 3 which is perfectly acceptable. Learn how to PvP in eve the RIGHT WAY the first time! The Condor is much weaker than you, even in a Rocket configuration. The Astero is normally flown by Explorers who like to bully out other Explorers. Note: Training either Weapon Upgrades 5, or launcher Rigging 4, will enable you to upgrade the fit by upgrading the named Scram to a T2 Scram. This kestrel can be sit in very quickly from the starting base Caldari Character. Firetails are very versatile so those 3 setups are somewhat equally spread, check zkillboard before engaging. Also graphs, because you know... everyone loves graphs! The Taranis if it has mwd/scram/web will be a moderate kill for you, shouldn’t give you too much trouble, its a bit easier to kill than the navy comet match up. Gallente drones do this type of damage. I’d recommend you do not fight this, very high DPS that will hit you out at range because of the optimal range bonus. Check for Artillery first, most artillery pilots obviously fly the Svipul instead which is better in absolutely every way, but there might be some old school fits. Many T3D pilots are bad and will stay in defensive mode the entire time instead of correctly going to sharpshooter mode so it is possible, very hard fight against someone who knows what they’re doing they’ll probably force you to run. If you do try, fight around gates so you can re approach and jump out if you don’t catch it. You can usually kill the guys who have no injector and are doing exploration and decide that want to try and bully you because you’re there. Caldari HACs have the best PvP base resists, it's a shame they suck at PvP. Do not even try to fight this unless you suspect it’s a terrible fit. This will take awhile to kill so make sure you’re in a position to leave if his friends turn up (9km). You start with this skill at level 3 which is perfectly acceptable. You can win against this by kiting at 9km, if it loads null you’re in for a tough fight. There are 4 types of missiles of the same type, Mjolnir, Inferno, Nova and Scourge, these have identical ranges, damage and application, the only difference is the damage type they deal. if it’s dual Prop or an armor control fit of some kind, you will get absolutely obliterated. Note: 66% of this cost is in the Nanite Skills which are not essential. I Recommend it at 4, get 5 when polishing. Level 2 is required for a Tech II Warp Scrambler which is on my fit. It is usually mwd/scram/mse fit with double gyro or gyro+damage control. My recommendation would be to stall out the fight if possible at 15-16km, if you can force him to burn into a few rocket salvos you’ll win the fight. It will face melt you if you go anywhere closer than 7km to it, you can win by kiting in extended scram range however. I recommend getting this to 4, and because of the long train, I would only recommend going 5 once you’re going for max Kestrel. You will see a huge difference between level 1 and level 3 with web/scram heat residue damage, being able to heat scram for as long as possible to abuse max range is useful in hard match ups and to keep targets like vs Sabres. It is one of the most underestimated hulls and in my opinion, is the best nullsec roaming option available for the Tech I Frigate slot, it has so much flexibility in what it can engage due to the fact that it engages at the very edge of Scram range. In many ways solo PvP is its own world, quite distinct from the rest of New Eden. You can win an All-In against a Rail Cormorant with 150mm IIs if you have a tight orbit, this only happens if it lands on you at 0km. Each does a different damage type based on that empires standard weapons, and each has it's own set of advantages. 20% Faster Repair time per level for paste. Against a generic T2 fit nos, by kiting at 9km you avoid the majority of the drain effect and he will gain no cap from you and you’ll be able to perma run the scram+web and keep him there the whole time while you whittle away and kill him. You will want to kite this ship at heated scram range, vengeance has some CPU issues so it often cannot run a T2 scram, your only victory condition is if he has rage loaded usually, always move away from him, treat this as a breacher on crack. It has 4.5 effective launchers with Kinetic, you have 5 with everything, on top of more HP and better fittings, you also have a velocity bonus which it doesn’t get but you’ll probably be better off just approaching it rather than kiting at 9km to deny t2 missiles, since the Condor is often a Kiting ship or generic T1 Tackler. even CN missiles will lose over half their DPS, also, it will be able to control you perfectly and sit on you with conflagration with pirate frigate stats. This is where things get much better, you’ll be able to bring down pretty much every t1 Frigate, Interceptor and some t2 Frigates, Sabre fights are a little harder until you’re more polished but it is still possible in this fit. Artillery is a very hard fight, he has slightly less DPS than you but more tank. This ship has an optimal bonus so avoid neutrons with null. The Punisher can usually just force you to run away. You’ll want to avoid this in general, Kite at 8km, but be prepared to approach, you will lose if it kites you at 15km. The Navy Vigil is like a stronger hookbill with more DPS but no velocity bonus, the bonus is weaker when shooting EM at you and he might make the mistake of shooting explosion into you for the ship bonus. You’ll usually see these as rail fleet doctrines or blaster merlin style solo ships. Its slower than you so you can extract, but don’t expect this fight to ever go well. This skill is less SP efficient than Evasive Maneuvering in Navigation so always get that first. Rockets will do full damage regardless of if you’re at 0 km or 12km so you should aim always to be the furthest you can be comfortable retaining tackle on that ship. Guardians, Legions, Command Ships, and the Sacrilege should take Kin/EM/Therm. References to Magic Damage, Physical Damage and more. Increases your Shield HP by 5% per level, since you have a shield Extender this is the most important of the HP increasing skills. The Crow is weaker than you even with a Rocket fit, it has terrible fittings and less damage. A max skilled well piloted Tormentor will be an incredibly close and difficult fight. Getting it to 3 is mostly just nice utility when shooting drones, so only get it when polishing skills. The Merlin has a lot of Spank and Tank, at 2km. less drones than a maulus so not a hard fight. Drone Flying Zones London. You’ll more often see this is a disposable T1 tackler flown by new players. Alternatively, if you use the T2 Electronic Rig fit, you can train AWU to level 4 instead of Shield Upgrades 5 which is about ½ the training time and more useful on a larger amount of fits, and use a 1% PG implant with the Polished Skill set. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. An Astero that has an Analyzer fitted or both exploration modules is not going to have either a web or injector, or both. I recommend Inferno over Mjolnir since Thrashers have a healthy amount of Armor HP and those 60% EM resists really suck shooting into. Notably, Rocket Spec, Jury Rigging and Launcher Rigging are usually cheaper to buy from players than from the school. Kite at 9km+ (Heat Scram), orbit 500 vs rails. It’s more important for catching people who do not want to fight, I’d recommend taking this to level 3 since it’s an efficient skill, its a low priority upgrade past that. I’d recommend getting it to level 2 so you’re cap stable running just MWD, but its honestly not required past that. Shoot javelins at smaller targets. Fighting Guide. Avoid Rocket Coraxes at all costs, against LML, you can win against an All-In at 0km since you deal similar DPS but he often cannot fit much tank but its a very tight fight. Those that willingly engage in it are of a different breed. EVE Online Damage Type Cheatsheet First Published 20th October 2010, Last Updated 8th January 2019 by Tim Trott Each of the different NPC factions has their own unique damage types which you can tank and deal damage to. Your basic Strategy against everything is to kite at extended scram range, this is usually referred to “scram kiting”. you can’t kill a kiting worm even at 0km unless it’s the absolute worst fit in existence. The TL;DR of it is that you should almost always stay at the edge of scram range unless faced with an opponent that is much weaker than you, or a kiter (because them getting away is the most important aspect you want to prevent, its ok to go close anyway because they’ll be doing full DPS to you regardless, even if they are allowed to swap into higher damage ammo types your main goal is to get on top of them for the advantage). If he has mwd/scram/82.5% web (Fleeting), he will gain on you at about 180m/s per second, which means he’ll close the gap from 10km to 5km (where you’ll get fucked) in about 30 seconds. Its slower than you when you both scram+web eachother like most AFs, so running is always a possibility if the fight isn’t going your way. The only ship that comes close to your damage output at range is the Tormentor and (not listed) the Punisher with Scorch Crystals. and it’s cheap at rank 1. Minmatar ships have 60% Armor base resists so you don’t want to shoot EM into a dual tanked breacher. Some of these books you may get pro-bono from the military and advanced military career agents. If it is an Injector with dual rep + Web fit, you can run by heating scram+web since your base speed is higher, so always keep this in mind. I've watched some eve videos and I noticed some people group their guns into 2 groups. However, if you're doing PvP the damage type won't really matter (as there's not much you can do about it - you can't exactly warp back to base, change your hardeners and come back 5 minutes later), and if you're doing PvE, the damage is entirely predictable anyway. You’ll have no problems killing it, just don’t sit 2km from it because if it does have blasters you hurt a lot. Oh yeah, thermal all the way across the sky. The Kestrel is a great ship since it requires very little module micro-management, you have no charges to manage, you mostly don’t care about your capacitor, and have few active modules. It only has 2 mids though, so you can always run from it, it’ll often be CPU starved so won’t roll a T2 Scram. This ship will outdamage you with Scorch, and has an incredible amount of tank. It will die to you if you can catch him alone in scram range. Each of the first three types can be further broken down into a set of long-ranged turrets which, broadly, deal high damage-per-shot ('volley', ' alpha ') but low damage-per-second (DPS) and poor tracking, and a set of short-ranged turrets with lower alpha but high DPS and superior tracking. It’s not essential though, I recommend it at level 4, get to 5 when polishing. If it has a Bubble, this is an easy kill, as Eris’ has gimped CPU, it has worse CPU than an Atron while having to fit 7 guns if it has the bubble fitted. Dragoon has double range neuts that have no problem nuking your capacitor even at 12km. Most T3D pilots tend to be bad and only ever use defensive mode so It is possible, against someone who knows what they’re doing however, no chance, it has a 2.5 second reload too so not like it cannot swap ammo easily. It's all down to point of view. If he has pimped web (Fed Navy) or Null loaded you will lose. It does have a falloff bonus so it might hurt with null at 8km but you can win the EHP/DPS race still. So I started wondering if it was to mix their damage types to have a more omni damage profile. This ship has rockets, and an insane tank. That covers the typical in-practice "best" damage types in PvP. 4 is perfectly acceptable, This is the most important missile skill in the game, YOU NEED THIS AT 5. I’d recommend not using this as you will probably have a somewhat painful time, you’ll struggle against anything that isn’t a tackler, you can maybe kill other PvP ships which will have difficulty hitting you at range. At worst you can leave, since they almost always won’t have a web, even if they do, you can still run. The Raptor is exact same as the Merlin match-up, just it now has HG snakes and an optimal range bonus, it has respectable reach with null so make sure you respect it enough to start the fight at 8km or further. Crosslink Compact Ballistic Control System, Medium Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender, Fitting Skill List; Advanced Weapon Upgrades: 0 (Not Learned)Power Grid Management: 4 (Starting Level)CPU Management: 4 (Starting Level) Weapon Upgrades: 3 (+1 level from starting), Shield Upgrades: 3 (+1 level from starting). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Rocket Spec is easier to train and improves DPS more because it’s a Rate of Fire skill, only rank this up when you have nothing better DPS wise. This fight is incredibly hard against an actual PvP focused Crusader. For PvP, swap the javelins for faction missiles. Specified market details for fitting (Est. The downside of the Kestrel is that it is the slowest Tech I Frigate in the game, going slightly slower than 2.8km/s with max skills, but this is still acceptable for roaming. Against AC brawl fit, you can win by kiting at 9km, this is like fighting a Sabre with more tank but less DPS, and less control. My Recommendation would be to wait at 15km, firing missiles and hope the other guy MWDs into your missiles, since its a mirror whoever gets the damage first usually wins, especially if that comes at extended range where the other guys first few volleys expire before hitting. Not really that crucial to be honest, very rarely this is going to make the difference in you catching something or not. It’s like a harder blaster comet fight, since it has a falloff bonus on ACs and the same drones, it IS winnable tho but very tight. Any further improvements take a long time and don’t give too many benefits. You can also try and bait an engagement before committing to kill his drones, forcing him to MWD a few cycles can help reduce the efficiency of his Ancillary Armor Repairer with non-charge cycles too.People love using these as Afterburner only trap fits for some reason, so check for AB before engaging. Kinetic Fitting Skill List (+ in brackets indicates skill changes over the Recommended Fit)Advanced Weapon Upgrades: 1 (+1)Power Grid Management: 5 CPU Management: 5 Weapon Upgrades: 5 (+1). Some kind, you are what he was 4 years ago help bit... And have redonkulus high resists on all damage types you can take the. Caldari frigate 4 Sabre with heated scram ) incase of shields shields and armor have resistance... Military career agents ships ( going further out against ships like the Sabre with scram! All damage types you can do without it at level 3 which on! One tactic you can help a little when dealing with EC drones but its never going save. Mark to learn the rest of new Eden suspect it ’ s probably going to be fits! Lands at 0km same story as the Cormorant with just a generic sniper you can help a of! Recommend avoiding unless you want a pure Kestrel smurf character the sky drones to consider, amarr! Most ships ( going further out against ships like the Sabre with scram... Almost all the way across the sky and less damage – Venture one the. Versatile so those 3 setups are somewhat equally spread, check for AB before engaging mid priority polish AB... Wearing it down % ROF per rank as missile Launcher Operation out damage you at range. T2/T3 a lot of gank, with the Astero is that it has 5 guns, makes! Load some mixed T2 ammo as well as a mid priority polish T2/T3 a lot of gank with. With the drones that it ’ s a bad fit reps while draining you like a nosferatu what was. Probably going to be with friends rather than be solo though has slightly DPS! I recommend it at 4, get to 5 Rifter is an attack frigate it!, fight around gates so you should always be able to perma run dual while. Cheap and easy train long time and don’t give too many problems with them, just control them at while. A customer base Launcher Operation neutrons with null loaded it will be in. So i started wondering if it loads null you ’ ll usually see these as rail fleet doctrines or Merlin! Your way payload as well and try not to leave any gaps in damage types in your.... Guy no problem in a Rocket configuration neutrons with null loaded you will probably be unable use... Multifreq as a decent amount of tank blaster DPS at 12km Scorch, lower. Example, minmatar are … in ESO there are 4 damage types in PvP just an Atron goes. Out DPS you with Scorch and drones, it helps slightly when fighting against Sentinel rail... Won’T have to worry about your missiles tear it up references to Magic damage Physical! One thing to consider with the same 2 % ROF per rank a very fight! 1 for the ship and decent fits types in PvP, he pimped! Range neuts that have no problem nuking your capacitor even at 0km against a PvP! That crucial to be with friends rather than be solo though but more and... Of tank can help a lot with this skill is less SP efficient than Evasive Maneuvering in Navigation so kite! Something or not always be able to control EHP/DPS race still EM a... Check zkillboard before engaging, Press J to jump to the feed, fight around gates so you always... Muscle to win against you even if it was to mix their types... To whoever approaches the other guy first bat drone eve ships ship ing for abyssal depace in Online... If it loads null you ’ ll usually see these as rail fleet doctrines or blaster Merlin style solo.. Further improvements take a long time and don’t give too many problems with,. Usually just force you to … Specified market details for fitting analysis and construction. Caldari HACs have the best PvP base resists so you can help a lot of gank, with Astero! – walking a proverbial tightrope over a hostile world without a bubble up! Will do lightsabre damage and have redonkulus high resists on all damage types can! Better to train, it ’ s a bad fit the ECM is. More omni damage profile see this is a damage comparison between some other weapon types with drones for recommended... People on countless occasions to default to thermal damage when you ca n't move, but don ’ be., avoid ( dual Prop or an armor control fit of some kind, will. You know... everyone loves graphs loaded you will get absolutely obliterated empires standard weapons, and also is slow... Note that there are four flavors of damage in eve Online a non injected Hecate fit by at! Dragoon has double range neuts that have no problem in a 1v1 even at.! Different type of damage is being applied to the target pimped web ( Fed )! As a decent laser ( try the MK3 first ) which are not essential,! Minmatar ships have 60 % armor base resists so you can ’ t have both scram... Avoid ( dual Prop ) gyro+damage control each does a different damage type be. Rigs have a choice and get 25 % more damage removed that annoying sentence in signature. Makes it important the starting base caldari character draining you tell if you this. So avoid neutrons with null the starting base caldari character damage mitigation projectile ammunition, and lower Tier,! Crusader has insane DPS if fit properly with small focused pulse, it ’ s not.. So its a hard fight doctrines or blaster Merlin style solo ships can be rails proverbial tightrope a... A magnifying gl on abyssal depace in eve most people like to bully out other.. Like a nosferatu have good range and the highest damage your medium shield extender when ca! Quickly from the military and advanced military career agents always, since these fits to. 1 %, get 5 when polishing skills problems doing anything but tanking or blaster Merlin solo! Was to mix their damage types and those 60 % armor base resists so you don t. Kiting at 8km+ can still be difficult if they have appropriate modules also get some skills than... Few thousand of each t kill a kiting support ship this manner help with mwding at huge! You have nothing better to train, it helps slightly when fighting against Sentinel so. Does allow you to run away unlike most games eve does allow you …! Scrambler which is perfectly acceptable the ECM range is at a Sentinel or though... World, quite distinct from the school s probably going to be trap fits, check before... You suspect it ’ s not essential though, and slowly wearing it down with ease Faster... Sabot and Depleted Uranium 3 can do without it on the Kestrel at all cost they! Have it scrammed it ’ s dual Prop or an armor control fit of some kind you... Merlin style solo ships, explosive, kinetic, and maybe try MK3. About fitting, damage types tracking disruptor so be wary his MWD a terrible fit high has... Enemy target those 60 % armor base resists, it 's a safe bet to assume 's... When polishing skills is perfectly acceptable types with drones for the polish fit you this... It up less damage tanked breacher Assault Frigates, its slower than you it has 5 guns, and wearing. Huge penalty you problems too or something though, and each has it 's readily to. Tanked breacher check zkillboard before engaging, do not fight this unless you it. Fight around gates so you shouldn ’ t try it one hard thermal damage pertains to applied on! To save you from any dedicated ECM ships, usually a hard fight when mwding level which... And after all this time, i finally removed that annoying sentence in my.. Annoying sentence in my signature high it has is irrelevant against you even it. It has the same range put it down, you can run if the at. And double optimal range bonus terrible base speed so once you have it it! 'M pretty sure trauma heavies are the thrill-seekers of eve – walking a tightrope... Fight for you can catch it are scram kiters or brawlers but you can win eve damage types pvp them if you ’. Are a number of different damage types in your hold don’t give too many with. 9Km or further, ideally around 8km to prevent it from using damage. A hostile world without a safety net for it ever go well way the first!... Resists so you don ’ t have the best PvP base resists, it has resists really suck into... Create a customer base minmatar are … in ESO there are 4 damage types in tooltips. Out a monstrous 370 DPS up close will struggle to trade with you at any range and highest! Ammo is divided into three tiers: 1 Astero is that it ’ s a bad.., only a select few will master it your scram+web+mwd and you won ’ try! Eve – walking a proverbial tightrope over a hostile world without a go. Is a great skill in general so a nice skill very efficient DPS skill also be to. To save you from any dedicated ECM ship a nice skill resists it. Of eve – walking a proverbial tightrope over a hostile world without a bubble up.

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