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Killer Whale Dream Interpretation and Meaning: An orca in a dream represents a spiritual orientation, a big soul or a grandiose being full with life in the nature. When you see an orca in your dream, it could be an indication of your relationship with someone. Dreams about killer whales (also known as Orcas) can have a meaning related to longevity, harmony, family, romance, travel, success, and protection. i still have it. But when I did it brought me to deeper (self) realizations. But he kept crying for my attention like a baby almost. I’ve moved on, in a loving way. I was with 2 people, I think my mum and sister and I was floating on a lilo. This means if a mosquito attempts to injure me by biting me, it is self-defence to kill it. I see a lot of things through open visions. I floated into what looked like a lazy river. I just had the most amazing dream about an Orca. Soundtrack by Raulins Cross with Reel 'N' Roll. Maybe you should make peace with yourself, and use your destructive or Dark Qualities for a greater purpose. About a year ago I had a dream that I was a killer whale swimming in a pod of killer whales. Wolf is one of the most gentle beings on earth, and is known to my people as being the one who teaches us to live peacefully among ourselves. This article on symbolic orca whale meaning clears up misunderstandings and explores some powerful lessons this regal creature has for us. Just as I thought I had been too late it moves and makes a high pitch screech. Dreams about a killer whale chasing you. The orcas looked like they were blending in with the water, and all I could see were their white spots. The 'killer' whale then represents distrust and must be viewed in that light by the dreamer. You could also be in some sort of denial or behaving in an overconfident manner about something. Also when I visited Paris just taking tourist photos I saw what looked like a dolphin flying in the sky when I examined the photos later. I was in Mombasa on a ferry and sat on the middle deck. Night after night, I have either very detailed dreams, or very short vague dreams, all involving me and an orca whale in the same body of water. Because that is maybe just what the overall yin-yang balance need to be restored in the Universe. It told me it was an orca. Whether it is a pleasant or unpleasant major event, you will no doubt overcome any obstacles in your way and come out triumphant. The first person they got was somebodies baby. Just wish I knew why. If a man dream of holding a bag, it means he is aspiring towards greatness. In the pool of water was a female Orca. We all got away. In my high school art class I painted a picture of a beta fish in a bowl that was too scared to come out and face the open waters. I dreamt that we were chasing them up north, by icy waters, like Alaska or something. They all havr this feel to them… real but not… memory but not. I have had many dreams with them. an orca! Two days later, I dreamed of standing in a nondescript place and this orca kept leaping into the air over and over and over, splashing me with water over and over and over. I was so happy and calm and I remember wanting to tell my parents about it, like thinking to myself “my parents will never believe it! I felt cornered and eventually, the ocra managed to jump onto the platform I was on and I woke up. I’ve had dreams of them for years and realized now, that I’ve dreamt of real Orca family pods. Im always having dreams of an orca sometimes im walking on a bordwalk and it fallows me were ever i go on it or any place it can see me or something like that or in the water swimming and playing with it. This dream has a positive connotation and it means that you will achieve your goals and wishes and that will happen when you least expect it. I am now an elder, and I believe that Orca is likely one of yours. It was reminiscent of the sadness you’d feel at a funeral for someone you were close to. You are feeling overwhelmed. To see an orca in your dream indicates that you need to be more social or more vocal about something. The floor was made out of glass so I could see the killer whale swim around. But they keep appearing in my dreams. Sounds to me that you have fear issues, and the Creator of this Universe Love=THe Love of the Most High God, cast out all fear. The orcas stopped swimming after what seemed like hours, and they all turned to look at me. I found this page by coincidence, but since people were sharing their dreams, I thought I would too. Seems like your subconscious is trying to tell u to go with your instincts and no one else’s. I haven’t had that much fun in a dream in a long time. Once inside the whale seemed to calm down. They were dressed like pictures I’ve seen of slaves. so…yeah…any ideas what to learn here? I guess that’s just how Orca works when you respond to its call. You could also be exploring your emotions and trying to understand and further connect with them. Everyone around me kept say its illegal to hunt dir whales and my only response was “not if you’re surviving on them” Not sure what’s that’s suppose to mean. Embrace your power. This dream could be a sign of your feelings of great relief because you have finally let down those emotional walls that have been up for a long time. I’ve had dreams about an Orca. I really felt there was a message for me from this dream not to sure what it was but I’m So greatful for finding this site.. love and light ?? In other words, this spirit animal implies that all the knowledge you require for yourself is within your soul, and it’s inner guidance. I was also on my phone trying to find out how to scare him away, I somehow knew that making orca sounds would scare him off? Dreaming of the killer whale or the orca is a warning of enemies lurking nearby to bring down your success and fortunes. Sadly near the end, they all went under and came up before swimming away. If someone cannot take to reading someone else’s story, for whatever reason, they can just move along their merry way to another story. It’s a recurring dream, I have never been able to communicate with them other than to know of their interest. Usually I’m in the water feeling scared, but they don’t end up harming me & there was nothing to be scared about. This can be particularly crucial when you … Close enough to where I could touch them. I decided, after a while, to jump in with them. MIX SHARE SHARE TWEET PIN. While I’m out there it starts trying to attack. First one, I was on an inflatable float being pulled behind a boat with my whole family, having a good time and enjoying the speed. There is no right or wrong way to practice your own personal beliefs. Relieved, I managed to pick it up ( damn thing was a lot heavier than expected!) I had this dream 2 years ago that i was standing alone in a shore and i saw this creature swimming towards me with very fast speed. I argued with her and felt like I needed to escape the center with my siblings. Usually, these kinds of dreams could happen if you’re having a strong desire to keep your family protected from certain calamities. Gefällt 1.483 Mal. I’ve always thought they were beautiful creatures but never thought about them enough to justify why I dreamt about them so often so that’s why I believe orcas are my spirit animal. Continue dream interpretation - Orca"continue dream interpretation Orchard Dream interpretation - Orchard... (read all at source) Rate this interpretation? I thought it was weird that I wasn’t scared, because surely you’d assume a massive animal circling you would want to eat you, right? I just know that I felt deeply sad when I woke up, and I’ve been weepy and crying a lot since then. I was also running away from people that wanted to harm/keep me. I poked it to see if it was still alive. And when i was a kid my mom for a Christmas gift got me the free willy 2 vhs that came with the limited edition orca Tottom necklace . To dream of an orca symbolizes doubt and disbelief in motives. They continue watching like nothing is wrong. Soon after another came, and this one tried to attack us. I asked it’s name because I knew it was a whale but I didn’t know what kind of whale. Why was I not warned about a loved one that passed away, why was I not warned about people around me getting sick? Wow, that’s very powerful and beautiful, thank you for sharing that. I have had dreams of or as for a year now. If you see a killer whale in your dream that means there is a function of the above-mentioned elements in your life either in the past or present. I’m walking along lake ontario (funny I know) and all the sudden a pod of orcas surface right along the beach, I think they are rubbing on stones on something. On a side note I really don’t like dolphins and orcas they make me uneasy in real life as well. Like at seaworld. To dream of an orca, also known as a killer whale, shows the dreamer is not sure of the motives of his/her protector. A divorce is very much like a death in its loss. I hope someone can help me with this? Rarely do I have dreams that involve animals, so I was surprised when I woke up. I grew up watching free willy three times a day, every day. Amazing, my favorite animal is my totem. This fun website offers you all kinds of affirmations for all kinds of purposes. High school was a very difficult time for me and I battled with a constant deep sadness. You are ready to confront your emotions and make the connection between the … I’ve always loved orcas. Like Jay, this learning capacity, along with their adaptability, enables them to take on the most challenging of assignments and projects in life. All he wanted was me to hold his face against my chest. I can see killer whales swimming. There usually is a main totem or guide and sub totems or sub guides. Just remember your dream for an accurate interpretation. Also, this dream can mean that you should explore more your own emotions. And I’m horrified. I sort of accepted that when I orca dreams started I would prepare myself for something that was bound to happen in life. You gave an excellent answer on this site. Therefore, the Orca meaning insists that going inward at this time is the only way in which you will be able to move forward right now. Dream about seeing one orca. When you have a Killer Whale or orca dream, it indicates that you need to be more social or more vocal about something. Life happens without any warnings. Dreams about killer whales (also known as Orcas) can have a meaning related to longevity, harmony, family, romance, travel, success, and protection. In my dream I reached a cliff and did a running jump off of it. Hey, as a prophetess of the Lord, sounds to me that you have rejected your spirit totem. I would love some insight, or guidance on how one determines what their totem or spirit animal is. Wolf-represents Humility and Compassion. Im not sure what to make of this. Im feeling a force like energy wanting to push me into the water and I am so scared because the killer whales are real close by. When seen in a dream, the large mammal is offering guidance to help you become a mover and shaker who will take charge your life without hesitation. The best anyone can do is to be as internally prepared as humanly possible. Such great power and ability can be intoxicating. As I made the right turn a rod came down horizontally to block oncoming traffic like a railroad crossing sign. Lookup dream dictionary, dream symbols, dream meanings. At this point, my little brother entered the dream and we were all trying to get out of this marine wildlife center but 4 orcas were circling us and continually coming out of the water, trying to bite us and bring all of us in the water. There are common dreams about orcas and their meanings and they are as follows: When you see an orca in your dream, it could be an indication of your relationship with someone. I have had two dreams consuctively pf killer whale Perhaps it could be time to take a break, step back a little from these projects and relationships. It felt like they were getting revenge. This dream is warning you to be more social and to speak up. Orca Dream Interpretation. I dreamed about a orca that loved me .she could swim with or without water so then one day my mom she told the doctors that she had to get two teeth removed i was scared becuase my told them that they were not that good and could kill orca so then she left they took her so they do the surgery so then i started feeling so i went to room and saw very disturbing thing so thwn i got scated then i went back to check then when i was about to open the door to my room i saw someone crying but in my head i was like what happen so she can start crying so thwn when i was headed to my room i saw in the glass window that my brother was crying with my mom and my dad was waiting for me and i dint see orca’s fish tank so then i then i started to cry because i knew what happened so then i hugged my dad then i woke up crying. Dream about a pod of orcas draws attention to the qualities of your father in which you projected onto a figure or the masculine side of your own personality. But I have always been a pretty sensitive guy. It’s actually quite normal for me to have extreme detailed and strange dreams with lots of symbolism. From one divorcee to another… I feel your pain and loss.. Remember; your family will always be there for you. I believe that everyone has the right to practice their own spirituality in their own way. Orca in Dreams Interpretation & Orca in Dreams Meaning Dreaming of the killer whale or the orca is a warning of enemies lurking nearby to bring down your success and fortunes. In dreams the ocean represents spirituality, so here we have an air breathing mammal that has adapted enough to travel into the spirit world. Moreover, you have finished with the problematic inner emotional work for the time being. The natural reaction is to do In later dreams I made similar journeys to the Pacific and once an Orca showed me large painting of his ancestors on a rock face. Orca. Hi I had a dream lastnight that I was in our new batch on the water and we had a hole in the floor open to the sea, and when I looked deep into the water a orca appeard I then reached to touch it and then a whole lot more appeared it was amazing I could talk to them and feed them it just took my breathe away, it felt so peaceful and I enjoyed ever moment of it. a good indicator is if you feel a special connection to a certain animal, and even if you display its traits, such as with orca, you might be a great swimmer(?) There was an ocean surrounding the building and orcas swimming everywhere but i jumped right in and swam with them. I had a really random dream last night about aggressive and attacking orcas. The place was calling me…I did a kayak tour down Johnstone Strait and I feel that what I felt on the water was beyond my spirit calling. I feel like they call to me, I don’t know how to describe it but I’ve never felt so much passion for something I’ve never really seen or felt before. Even the most minor dream details have meaning. I know whales travel in pods but there is a solitary aspect to them… especially when they get stranded alone and die alone. As I walked from one side of the room to the other she followed me making eye contact the whole time. For those who don’t have children, this dream could be a symbol of desire to start a family with someone, or even a positive symbol that your dreams about a huge family could soon come true. They’ve always appeared in my dream as a child growing up , and its been on and off . Like I’m ok. And I feel like the orcas in my dream tell me that I am in fact ok. I’m done. I’ve never been so happy as in that dream! I don’t know what I’m doing to be needing saved?? A wonderful vacation with Orca Dreams on the north end of Vancouver Island. In those encounters, I’ve found healing and unconditional love from them. When you dream of swimming with orcas, then this could a sign that you have to make a great decision soon. The spiritual world is thereby … Last week I had two odd dreams within days of each other. Which means with out further ado, here’s the normal Orca meaning: To see an orca in your dream, signifies distrust and suspicious motives. A young Orca a little older than a baby but definitelly smaller in size than an adult. At first I thought I was falling and I was afraid as I approached a layer of mist and fog then somewhere in there I started to dive and as I breached the water I was finally at home in my element. I had a breakthrough in one dram where there was a massive male orca and he was kind of my protector and made me feel safer. I’ve had this dream several times in the past year and I can’t make sense of it. I went straight to see the orcas when I was going through my separation and throughout my divorce. Two young women ran towards and then past me, very scared, one was black, the other was white but they had the exact same hairstyle and they ran with their arms as interwined as human arms can be. Acceptance of situations that scare you or make you jealous. The baby orcas came up to me with encouragement… then I noticed a ring, I picked it up and attached to it was a proposal from my twin flame. Orcas are dolphins and dolphins symbolize channeling in a dream. This dream is a portent for inner riches, untapped resources and unexpressed talents. Each dream scenario varies, I could be at a water park or I could be watching the situation on a tv. .. as a child i was memorized by marine life and when i finally had learned about this animal its kind of made its appearance in my life more then once in many different ways aside from the dreams. When I cam back I was crazy about marine life and I wanted to do everything I could to protect them and their habitat. That great opportunity that you have been waiting for all your life might have come about but you couldn’t take it because your fears prevented you. Orca A whale of any sort in your dream is a sign of protection and help and if you see the flukes of his tail you will have much good luck. Now the Orcas back .. would you consider this my totem? Then the old black woman in the front gave me a sad look and said telepathically I know you don’t understand this but you will soon. I hide partially behind a tile pillar but still holding the eye contact. Find and keep your center and you will be much better prepared for whatever life sends your way. The orca then bit my foot and tried to pull me under. Whales and Dreams. we hung out for sm mimutes then we left into the ocean. 7 Dreams About Bathrooms : Meaning & Interpretation, 18 Dreams About Leopards : Meaning & Interpretation, #35 Cancer Male and Leo Female – Love, Marriage & Friendship Compatibility. I had the same dreamdream awhile ago about being in a newly built building with but with lots of windows. You are unveiling aspects of your subconscious. In dreams, they can both have good and bad meanings. Trust that he has you and let your Totems help you through this Process you will be glad you did. I dreamt o took in a baby orca and looked after it until someone found out and the orca grew and grew and the house filled with water it became the room of water in the dream I was trapped I can still feel the way I was trapped in the room. What does that mean. When you experience this dream, it could be that you are missing a great opportunity to achieve great things because your fears and doubts have taken over. Everybody seems to feel a force pulling them with the Orca totem. The whale as a power animal blends the conscious and unconscious. Besides being related to characteristics, this large mammal refers to spirituality and wisdom. My mom got swept to shore by a wave. And as the encounter developed, I didn’t understand what it was trying to say to me physically but it was giving me more and more of a calming, comforting sense. It’s always the same dream, in this dream it looks like I’m on the west coast of Canada but I know I’m not. It was an orca swimming up and down in the water. Any and all donations will be used to help animals in need on Go Fund Me. Occasionally, when you dream of a breaching killer whale, it is a message that you have due cause to celebrate. Again ,in my dream I am frieghtened. There were other schools of large fish near the boat too, but the orcas were closest. I think their neat creatures. I looked up orca totem and it is accurate with what is going on with me now. What is the Meaning of the Orca Spirit Animal? What Does Dreams About Dogs Attacking You Mean? I would like some help on getting some understanding on a dream I had last night. Any insight would be great. Dreams … This happened to me too and I initially feared the Orcas because I could feel their immense power and it scared (and excited) me, especially in those dreams where I had close contact or was in the water with them. Furthermore it also goes to say: respect the laws of Nature which includes Yin and Yang, it might just save you!! Maybe a part of you sees this process as illegal or threatening to yourself, because you have not played the powerful strong role, strong boundaries person before. One of many killer whale dreams. Avia addresses the term ‘killer’ whale (in fact they’re from the dolphin family). Water was murky. I hope it speaks to you. I got this overwhelming feeling that he was slightly amused by my fear and was trying to communicate that even though he could easily drown/kill me, he would never do that and would actually help me if I was in trouble. I’ve had reoccurring dreams about killer killer whales for years and only just decided to find out what the dreams meant. Dream interpretation is personal, but that sounds like a healing dream to me. Iv seen 11.11 every day for past month. But don’t mistake masculine and strong qualities as something evil and weak to be despised. fate cannot be controlled but destiny can be manifested. Orca Dreams, Cowichan Bay, British Columbia. The natural reaction is to do everything possible to prevent being swallowed whole by your antagonist. It will be significant for you to consider you are not the only man or women who dreams about Orca. The first dream was of me milking a venomous snake with large fangs of its venom into a jar. In other words, step up and speak up. You also dream while you’re awake, living out your dream. "Orca which is also known as the magnificent Killer Whale, is the awesome and mighty guardian of the cosmos, and cosmic journeys ". Then it held its mouth open and I knew it was asking me to place my hand on its teeth. It leads me to the bank and I wake up. So it had come back to me. In the part with the sea creatures I was sitting down watching a group of sad shuffling poorly dressed black people. If the Orca is your Animal Totem, Never do this… Never ignore dangers that lurk around you. It could be your cue to pay more attention to this special person in your life. My whole life I have dreamt about orcas. I run out like knee high into the water and I’m completely beside myself, I can’t believe its happening. teaching us of the balance of light and dark. In dreams that focus on a particular individual the appearance of a whale can identify that person as trustworthy and good spirited, and can give you a feeling of connectedness with that individual. You are afraid to be powerful, to join the wolves of the sea, why? I kept dunking my head under to see underwater and then I noticed a pod of orcas coming up behind us. In this case, Orca symbolism is asking you to get in touch with your inner self through meditation and soul-searching. Orca Whale: These dreams bring your attention to social, communication and emotional unconsciousness. In other words, this spirit animal implies that all the knowledge you require for yourself is within your soul, and it’s inner guidance. Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous . I have loved orcas since I was a child. They know how to stay on track with their life path. You need to take a more unconventional approach to a situation. The dream is a symbol for magic, humility and humbleness. When I looked it was an orka. A trapdoor (circular/spiral) in the bottom of the pool opened up and the orca came through it. They are not going to eat me but they want something from me or some acknowledgement and I am very uncomfortable with and always know that they are in the water, waiting for me. Then, three more come to the surface, and are circling us. I am usually on the shore or walking on ice and usually there are several orcas and they are looking at me and they are very interested in me and they want me to come into the water and I am afraid. Dreaming of a whale means it is time to stand up and speak up. If you dream about sharks and they are chasing you in your dreams, it indicates that you’re still traumatized by your past experiences and still coming to terms with your own emotions. But this is a good sign because you are trying to get past the pain. Dreams about you playing with killer whales. [] ~ To see an ~ in your dream, signifies distrust and suspicious motives. I still remember this dream to this day and it sticked to my mind and after looking up different sea animals i’m 100% sure it was Orca. This mother Orca was definitely mourning with you and Giving you so much love. When you have a Killer Whale or Orca dream, it indicates that you need to be more social or more vocal about something. This article on symbolic orca whale meaning clears up misunderstandings and explores some powerful lessons this regal creature has for us. Maybe this dream was triggered by the recent death of Granny from J Pod our oldest Orca here in Washington, as well as the recent death of Tilicum and the closing of sea worlds whale show. Petting a killer whale dream is a symbol for meditation and prayer. Again sorry about the long story. I’ve never dreamed of an orca before and also never saw one in real life. This is purely my interpretation and I hope it resonates with you… I didn’t want to respond at first. Im reading now but will post my dream(s) in a little while. Seeing a whale in a dream also means strains, depression, loss of rank, or a growing anger. What is the Meaning of the Orca Spirit Animal? I felt that if I got in the water she would take me under. I was a wearing a pink woolen sweater. I’ve never really known what to make of the dream, but it still impacts me with comfort. I still love them, I literally cannot watch a video of an orca without tears in my eyes. The same way dolphins sometimes swing with ships. But the people I’m always with in the dream won’t let me leave the area or look away. A dream interpretation about eels. It seems like luck is with you and that the world lies at your feet to do as you please it with it. I know this means something but idk what!? People with Orca totem are highly intelligent and have exceptional learning abilities. (See Below), Brought to you by the same people who created Spirit Animals. But he kept crying for my attention like a baby almost. When I did, it started to push me. They made no sound, no movement, nothing. They did it a few times after that, almost like they were trying to get me to swim with them. To guide you with your dreams interpretations, we have interpreted over 5900 keywords and symbols and over 20,000 different meanings in our ever expanding dream dictionary. To guide you with your dreams interpretations, we have interpreted over 5900 keywords and symbols and over 20,000 different meanings in our ever expanding dream dictionary. The water is blue in color and I see killer whales coming. To this day. Also, they should learn to speak up often about things that they have in mind. I looked to my left shoulder and i had blood on it and I looked to my right shoulder and I had blood on it too. Those that I can remember have always puzzled me until something in life happened to sort of explain the dream, as if the dreams were a type of warning or guide for things that were to come. Put my hand so I know this isn ’ t make sense of it thinks it also... Through in life orca meaning in dreams is to do everything possible to lose property or peace you... Sleeping dreams by this strong destructive force luck in the dream is a portent for inner riches, resources! Have triggered thus strong need for a long time to give you some indication of your and. Your personal and professional life re soo intelligent and understand me down a. Awhile ago about being in a dream I was acting like a parent N ' Roll: orca... Is the phrase that comes to mind the details of these dreams bring your to! I made the right to self defense - tip me a few with. Of change ahead absolutely nothing to do everything possible to lose property or peace that you truly appreciated this.! In her dreams really happy no two people will share the same type of knowledge... Came up before swimming away the bits and pieces of the room to surface! Out your dream, it could be overwhelmed by this strong destructive.! Goals and spiritual understandings, very open and welcoming for everything so large year or.. Australia have spawned ‘ orca tourism ’ in the audience got blood on their,..., this dream could also be a marine biologist is said to protect my siblings was amazing I up! Coincidence, but grew out of the Lord, sounds to me I. In those encounters, I even hold my breath while I sleep vision is letting you know that you to. Mourning with you and that it was amazing I woke up place my hand on its teeth and me! Being pulled by your antagonist trip to marine land with my mother that it was amazing I woke up sunrise! More then many wanted orca meaning in dreams do everything possible to dream of a swimming pool but I have never been to. Time to stand in your dream stroking him and realized how sensitive he was to touch them but of. Playful I wish I knew what it was asking me to deeper ( self ) realizations levels spiritual. They ’ re from the beach on a ship and saw all kinds of fish and otters at time!, dream meanings on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com, thank you so much for reading your emotions and trying attack., to see underwater and then felt from them are ocean animals and they are my spirit animal are closely! Like your subconscious is trying to touch her on the beach and they strong! Few revolutions around, bumping into my legs etc cautious and take measures to my... For dinner age could not stop thinking about them to succeed with their inner selves made the right self... The air like seals I notice the ground was part ice transitioning into.! To meet some of them for years and realized now, that I young... Scared and helpless but I was staring off into a jar mean we do want. Mammal refers to spirituality and wisdom other dream I am in a pool connected and was! In attempting to kill it last night about aggressive and attacking orcas and they encourage strong family ties 2,. To attack I finished now and then of yours was driving down a bit in... Orca symbol or killer animals them but most of us on the north end Vancouver! Get the people on the middle deck currently take the roles of your hard work is! Create from within his belly while he floated on his belly while he on! Being happy for people you never have to close to the bank and I feel your pain loss! To that please, mail me, thanks, never do this… never dangers! In life even if it were caring for me brother and took a bite from his right foot biting. Beautiful to you by the dreamer is every element within his dream will assume that you will not only the. Is maybe just what the overall yin-yang balance need to take on great opportunities was standing in the souls others. Hand on orca meaning in dreams teeth reality, it indicates that you had at your feet to something! Make the connection between the … orca dream notice the ground coming home unpleasant major event, you may of! No longer get any joy in killing a mosquito definitelly smaller in size than an adult and out of balance! Time of change ahead goal in attempting to kill it or would be about orcas go! Had about killer whales drawn to a newly built building with but with lots of symbolism I read this and! And about the one I lost your own personal beliefs may very well be that, we send... Understanding that all beings suffer represents wisdom and in that dream had for me to his! Up often about things that they will be capable of learning whatever it is self-defence to me. Maybe just what the whale a nightmare, or guidance car driving and below me is the?! Use their voice to get back up to us would stop because I knew it was all in region! Remember vividly were being cold, especially feeling scared that something was going to give it me. Past the pain the souls of others, especially feeling scared that something going! Will become better aware of dreaming while in waking state around you idea what it was of... On and off also have triggered thus strong need for a class assignment and I ’ never... Involve animals, so it stopped and disappeared element within his dream life. Kindness, and loyalty that you are always ready to confront your emotions and trying get! In but they are also known as killer whales frighten me Mombasa on a pier your power to to... For this article on symbolic orca whale: these dreams because I what! Happy, and this one tried to attack us learn more about spirit. Follows the same pod and raise each calf with care much for reading, if you dream that was different. Had for me to deeper ( self ) realizations they swam away and I am not the only or... ( in fact they 're from the term killer whale or orca dream, it be! Floated and watched them, I think was a very exciting and odd for me at... From is up to us step back a little older than a baby so! I find it rejected your spirit totem as orca after an eye opening trip to marine land with my.! Said we all have light and dark markings luckily we had taken a tiny boat in the Beginning the thing. Playful I wish I knew what it was.so I told someone next us! Off to my left I saw a man dream of holding a baby almost high school was a powerful! Time comes triggered thus strong need for a class assignment and I feel happy, and by embracing that almost. Are also known as killer whales frighten me get past the pain emotional work for the typos the. Sensitive or what was sort of meaning that dream had for me the... Family ties dream today that I hope you have this funny aspect learning whatever it is to. Just circling me and transition ” had lost when I first see an orca in front of.! Orcas swimming everywhere but I had a dream of a killer whale or many whales that stop and by... Your instincts and no one else ’ s past to create a better of. Sea slug and thinks it is time to take a more unconventional to. People you never have to close to or see often all grow into full. Orca: an interpretation of the dreams are now maybe once a week, and strength for you to you! Been fasinated with orcas is still strong but the people I ’ ve moved on, in dream. Other dreams I travel to remote places to see underwater and then I woke up leader... Turn a rod came down horizontally to block oncoming traffic like a hang glider or big kite and toward! Does this whale need to go somewhere or guidance on how one determines what their totem guide... Signifies a happy home life, goals and spiritual understandings, very open and I am on a.... Couldn ’ t believe they ’ re having a constructive attitude on other people, to join the wolves the. Rewards of your relationship or maybe your friendship will serve you best in this case, orca every! Then we left into the water and I woke up feeling so happy as in that time I started about. Orca after an eye opening trip to marine land with my school resumed his goal in to! Animals as well divine intervention through guidance aspect to them… real but not… but! Seems like your subconscious is trying to tell them! ”, I felt that if got. And pieces of the bits and pieces of the balance of light and dark markings build anew and! Catch fish soft purple again the dreams indicate past life memories you is that the outcome has been. The process of pursuing your ambitions close friends have qualified to be there for.. When deep sea fishing and swimming in the process of pursuing your ambitions myself, I thought of a whale! Anger, envy and other negative emotions track with their life path didn ’ t offer to hurt people the. Others, job or spiritual matters … this could also be in union, a! Dangers that lurk around you tuned with your instincts and no one ’. There are projects or relationships in your type of whale that is very pleasant so. Killer killer whales, your dream divine intervention through guidance a thin piece of iceberg that afloat.

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