tassimo standby light stays on

Hi my tassimo is not working the orange light is still on when I put the disc in and press the silver button .there is nothing happening can u help the prob.i have just went out and got all the discs for it. I only purchased this one month ago, so it can only be faulty from the outset. I found that some of the older tassimo pods had only one barcode and the newer ones have 2. the red lights stayed on after I used the cleaning pod what can I do. Sometimes the fill the water tank icon appears. My machine was playing up. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. You’re in luck…I think. I turned off my machine and cleaned the window that reads the bar on the coffee pod as suggested. I am probably tempting fate here but not had any duff pods for a long while now, I wonder if they have solved the problem of the dodgy Costa Milk Pods, My tassimo won’t brew the power button works but the cup icon doesn’t flash and when I push he big button it doesn’t brew. I stripped out the other machine and cleaned all the parts and actually found that the dispensing spout was blocked with 2 foil discs that had come away from the pod. Tea discs work fine. If 6d and 6e are both flashing, there's an error on the machine. I didnt even know it had one. I have a Tassimo T65 cleaned the bar code glass and descaled it does not make a difference as when i make a capucino only half the milk is dispensed. I don't know what we will do without the internet!!! Green and red light stay on. Thanks. I purchased all of these items from Bed, Bath and Beyond. The plastic circle has a pice of straight plastic in the middle and I worked that out with a knife. The water is full, the barcode is completely clear. The problem with the milk pods is due to a design flaw in the new pods. I've cleaned the bar code reader window, but that does not help. The light that indicates HDD activity blinks normal when booting up; but after I log in, the computer behaves normally for a bit with the HDD light blinking, then it remains on constantly and the computer becomes VERY slow, as far as taking 2-3 minutes to open the start menu. ON off button not working donthey burn out tried cleaning can't drscalexas button not working. and was having to resort to instant coffee - yuck!! The light will not turn off, no matter what we try. Once I turned the machine off and on and then put in the disc, the Tassimo performed beautifully. Be careful not to lose any of the inner bits, clean them, and reassemble. When you place the T-Disc in the brew-head, the barcode lies flat on a small area of glass. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. It was a little scary at first but just be careful when poking the holes, it will go through pretty easily. Now only cold water comes through... is it fixable??? Auto Mode Problems Be sure the machine is turned off, then unplug it. I'm sure they will make it right. Thanks for saving my morning! The Tassimo Vivy has decided to put a permanent orange light on and lock the lid so now its a block of plastic and metal scrap! After many failed attempts with milk pods exploding and locking up the machine I've bought an electric milk frother which heats and froths the milk in one go. Machine only produces roughly half measures. This works. If there's no disk in the brewing mechanism, all the indicator lights will flash. All seems to work well until half a cup of liquid has been dispensed, then the flow stops and boiling fluid collects in the bottom of the drip tray. Cleaning the little plastic window did the trick in seconds. I did not realize there was a bar-code reader on these things (Doh!). Sometimes the ref & yellow light come on. Saved me buying a new machine! Turned on. Be sure the machine is turned off, then unplug it. When I press to brew the orange light turns red no other light comes on ie water descaling I've tried cleaning barcode reader flatten out barcode stripped nossel it won't clean or anything help. When it indicated the cycle was complete the lid would not open. It worked once to clean in the last week but since then I've been unable to make coffee. I did a thorough clean and paid special attention to Bargoed reader, still nothing but after a lit for fiddling I have found that it a put a little bit of pressure on the pod lid I hear a click, and the the orange light goes off and the green one lights up and it reads the codes. Mix up 500 mL of descaling solution in the water tank. Hello Jan. Could you please share an image or illustration on where you create the holes? If that doesn't work, try smoothing the bar code on the disk. Clean the tank and ensure that the float can move. Have you tried different pods? I used a piece of stiff wire to unblock the nozzle ( there is a chamber between nozzles that can fill with grounds and result in less water coming through). WooooooooW......... boy was that little window covered with junk. Any other suggestions? This resolved out issue with the barcode being read! Bought a tassimo coffee maker. So I wanted to share my fix.as I had a similar problem of using a milk disc, weird grinding and then no milk coming out and lid locked down for 2 days, almost tossed my beloved Tassie several times and tried prying open and banging on it upside down numerous times risking breakage to figure it out! Hi, I've had my Tassimo for a few years now and I love it. Now in business again - hurrah!! I also descaled it, just in case.Assuming your problem is the same as ours was…and it sounds like it might be…the solution is really simple.You know how every T-Disc has a bar code? Thank you Nick! This has helped us. Clean reader and descaled but nothing happens still only smaill amount of water. I am having a similar problem to one other people have mentioned here. My machine has a t disc stuck in it and I cannot open lid to remove it. However, when making cappuccino the machine malfunctions when I try to use the creamer pod. I have used milk pods from Costco milk pods that come with their cappuccino and they work fine. On taking the sides off the machine. If the fill tank lights but there's enough water in the tank, the float is stuck. So it did nothing!Here’s what you do. I hope it works for you too!Nick. That was the problem with mine. Is if you spill a load of water at the back... how it knows? I've tried resetting the machine but that does not help. The Tassimo manual states that, when the green auto light goes on, you can start the machine. If you check a few essential components on your Tassimo coffeemaker, you'll probably be able to find the cause of troubles such as dripping water and skipped automatic cycles. the code glass is just purchased machine never been used water not going through for first of 3 you have to do light continually on. Leaving my Tassimo coffee maker worthless. when I turn my machine on, it only shows the standby in yellow and the descaler in red and won't turn on. Will try again Monday. Only used once or twice a day. After the red standby light comes on the buttons on the side of the tv don't do anything, including the power button. Second machine does the same ..pressurise milk then locks up. Red light comes on when I close lid, I cleaned window and all removable parts, still not working and also doesn't recognize yellow cleaning pod!? Thank you. Anyone know of a permanent fix. All rights reserved. Any ideas? Awesome advice, worked straight away . Thank you. When l plug it in the light by the cup sign comes on but theres no noise of water boiling then in 30 seconds the light goes out and it just sits there collecting dust. If the machine still doesn't work, call the customer service line. CoffeeDetective.com. If the Tassimo doesn't work in auto mode and stays in standby mode, clean the bar code reader. Meny thanks! Well following on from my comment on 24th I phoned tassimo with all my details and case no, and they couldn’t have been more helpful! I just got off the phone with Tassimo and it is the design of the milk pods. Hi. Moved to vanilla and caramel which worked. Can you tell me what to do? He said if gonto the center of the pod and insert and ice pick side ways through the plastic walls into the milk storage area in 2 spots, your pods will work fine until tassimo fixes the issue. Hey Everyone, Im having an issue with my Vivy Tassimo machine I think it needs descaling but when i add the cleaning pod the cup light turns red and it wont do anything. Now the pod will work correctly. However, I recently tried another brand--Jacobs (available from Amazon)--and the milk pods work fine. CoffeeDetective.com. I have had my Tassimo coffee machine for almost 2 years now and it comes up with a red light every time I try to use it. Damon Nim. Any hints? When these accumulate (3 or 4) they can block the nozzle. Fill a 2 cup measuring cup with hot water. When I put the tdisc in the brewing light does not come on. Quick clean as advised and now works perfectly !! We cleaned, descaled and off and on. Just wiped the little glass section and all is well. What should I do? Thanks so much.Fixed the problem immediately. On of the most common problems I have experienced with my TAS5542 machine is with small foil disks getting into the nozzle. After using this method for awhile, we have decided what works best is to start in the middle of the milk pod, pushing sideways through 2 outer walls but not through the outside of course. My Tassimo starts okay makes half a beverage and the rest of the water winds up on my counter. Called Tassimo and their response was take it to a small appliance repair shop or buy a new one. If your machine has a water filter, it must be soaked for 30 minutes before its first use, and should be changed every three months. Is it replaceable? Normally we'd make 3 or 4 coffees a day in it. THANK YOU !! Show More. Yes the order in which you do things is important. I reported it to Tassimo and was sent £10 worth of vouchers to cover the two wasted packs. by Penny Does anyone have any suggestions? I have followed the cleaning and descaloing instructions in the user manual of my tassimo sunybut the red light is still on,and it is not brewing properly.what do I need to do? It is very easy to resolve this problem. Thanks again, i HAVE NO SOUND RED LIGHT ON CLEANED BARCODE READER NORHUNG WORKS FIXED RED LIGHT. Remove the disk, clean the unit and replace the disk, or insert the piecing unit correctly. I can see that the collection is from an overflow tube from the pod unit to the drip tray. Not convinced this will not happen again but will make sure I get two different lot number packages from the store if possible but don’t think they are labeled on the outside. What should I do? Then I tried to open the lid and it seems to be seized - cannot open it to get the disc out or put a new one in. Made a new coffee today a little froth and tastes horrible. You are a lifesaver cleaned the barcode reader worked straight away , Brilliant to have the solution to this, where the coffee disc worked but the milk disc didnt, now 100% fixed, many thanks, I cleaned mine with vinegar and a kitchen towel and went right into the groove at the edge it’s working now I must have lost 1 in 8 Costa Americano discs and I was clearing it but just with a finger cause I was lazy!! My tassimo T47 can switch on but does not work the cup appears but there is no noise that shows it is working. Anyone else have this problem and if so, how was it resolved? I had my second tassimo for Christmas. It's excellent and everyone agrees the taste of "real" milk is miles better than the pods anyway. Is the reader faulty? We had problems with only the milk discs for cappuccino. registering your TASSIMO Branded Product (either online or by sending back the filled-in reply card that comes with the product); participating in a promotion, event, contest or online forum, or by filling out a questionnaire or survey related to TASSIMO Branded Products; purchasing a TASSIMO Branded Product or service directly from our website; I have cleaned, scrubbed and washed every single part, yes and even taken the top apart to clean the spout and the small barcode panel. But it won't let me do anything. I have a case number and will contact them to see what suggestions they have at Tassimo! She apologized reading from a script but sounded sincere. Happens in both of our machines. I’ve tried cleaning the reader, smoothing out the barcode on the pod. works a treat now, problem solved, thank you! Turned Tassimo on and a Refill Water message appears on the display with a flashing red light. hi my problem is a bit different the light that looks like sun shine on the left flashed red when i go to use is and i can't find out why! It is stuck on the standby mode. A couple of days ago I put my disc in as usual and pressed the button. It'll only take a few minutes to solve these minor problems. Thank you again! Then I decided to try another disc, and it worked. My machine seems to be only producing half the volume it should. I had the issue even before with the bigger milk so when I found one that worked well I cut off the bar code and just place it on top of the newer ones before I brew. I can now have my Sunday morning coffee without having to boil the kettle and for that I salute you! How? Asked. Ray. I am very UNHAPPY! If so, allow the motor time to cool down and reset the thermal protector button. It lets you say "xbox on" to turn the console on and quickly jump into you're game where you left off and allows the xbox one to update itself while its off. It turns on just fine. Thank you again ! I reset the Tassimo, cleaned the bar code reader, ran the descale process and changed the filter. Hi, I had the same problem, and thanks to your posting, it works fine again. The display is on, but in some low-light conditions, the screen might not be easily readable. Brought it home and we just fixed it! I found that this cleaned out anything that was still in the system. Thankyou so much Nick. My mums tassimo joy machine has stopped working. Mine is locked up with pressure so it will not open and don’t want to force it. Hi my tassimo has stopped working the red and yellow light are on but no water is coming through, I have no descaler tablet in the unit, would that be the reason, Hi my tassimo my lid won't open I put the cleaning pod in and it won't open . Thank you Nick. Any ideas? I had to wait several minutes for the pressure to go down and then I could open the lid. This problem would require them to switch the coding in the makers which they simply cannot do on the older models. Previously could not get these to work, only - on occasion -using a vanilla latte bar code over the plain latte one. Tried cleaning it not much help put a different disc in worked perfect? They obviously accept there is an issue without actually saying so, my defective pods have been replaced free already, and my locked machine is to be repaired, they were clear that I had done the right thing by not forcing it open! Make sure the barcode is facing down and the tab of the disc matches the slot on the right side. This has happened twice. By creating an account you agree to the Hunker, Manuals Lib: Braun Tassimo User Instructions. The barcode reader under the pod holder couldn't of been able to read the barcode so it stopped working.. © Copyright 2006-2020. To improve readability in low-light conditions, you can use the standby backlight. I ordered my pods from Target online but I don't know what to do at this point. Contacted Jacons Douwe Egberts about this, heres their response, though no acceptabce that thereis a problem or what the outcome of out exchanes will result in - yet! I never had this problem with the older, larger pods. The new thinner foaming milk creamer T-discs from Tassimo are. We just took our machine out of the box, followed all the directions and the red water light will not go off and nothing happens. It also only gives half the milk when using for a capachino, there is always some left in the disc. Hi Stephen I have similar problem to yours. We tried the yellow disc and coffee disks but nothing works. If the Tassimo doesn't work in auto mode and stays in standby mode, clean the bar code reader. We have cleaned the barcode - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician. Hi we just got a 2nd hand machine and it won't work when we put any disc in it goes from yellow light to 3 flashing red lights even on the cleaning disk we gave cleaned the barcode reader and still nothing same thing sorry it's a vivy machine, Yes ! They are working on them. Use these easy steps. None of the lights turned on and no noise,just dead. I've cleaned my machine.... rescale it... rinsed it but still the red light keeps coming on... My bosch Massimo machine not working no light on the machine attall. The stuck 2 day old milk started to flow out along with built up grinds and i kept hot water flowing a good 10 minutes. My machine works fine with the cleaning disc (I have descaled twice trying to fix this problem). Meanwhile, every Gevalia milk disc worked properly. As soon as the red light is on, descaling is required. Unfortunately you have to experiment in getting the piece in the right place, if not the top "ready" light does not come on, only the "top-up" one so the button does not work. Then I bought a 48 pack of Gevalia Espresso and three 16 packs of Cappucino Milk (Kraft). TASSIMO AS ABOVE DOES NOT WORK AFTER I TOOK OUT THE BARCODE AFTER READING IT. on the glass. We have been doing this and it work and the milk is foaming perfectly. Open the brewing mechanism and check the disk to be sure the bar code is clean and readable. Thank you. Lift up the disk holder and look at the bar code reader, which is next to the piercing area. It seems that some of them work and some don't. If it doesn't open up when the machine is pushed down, the pressure builds and the machine locks. Brilliant, we're back up and brewing! I've had my Tassimo for a year now. Simply click here to return to. After googling for ages your solution came up and worked. It does not make any noice when it is switched on. and now it has stopped filling the cut up properly! © Copyright 2006-2020. The water just keeps coming out. It's only 2 months old so can't be in any bad shape from 4 coffees a day? Location of the Standby LED. However, would still make a noise like it was having problems either sucking up the water or pushing it through the disk. Turn the machine off, lift up the brew head, lift up the thin tray on which you place the T-Disc, and then look for the glass/plastic screen. was working fine but now only small amount of water comes out about half a cup. Out of 8 pods in that pack only 1 worked as it should have. I can't find any anywhere ... does anybody know where I can buy one? than i cleaned it to the best of my knowledge. help!! The smaller pods expand under the pressure and lock up the machine. Coffee t-disc work fine just the milk is the problem. After many months, I solved the problem of the red light staying on the Tassimo Coffee Maker. I have tried turning the machine on and off to “reset” it, but that hasn’t helped.Do you know what the problem is? Only started around mid Jan. Have tried cleaning, descaling and taking apart to no joy. Thanks for your info to clean the bar code, reader, it's now worked wonderfully! Its been cleaned etc but nothing. Both types of coffee discs worked fine. Morris writes for various websites and private clients. I just bought a brand new Tassimo machine. Cleaning the reader worked like a charm. Once removed the machine worked fine. Any ideas please????? Be sure the machine is turned off, then unplug it. Can anybody help please.. turn my tassimo on place the disc and nothing happens no noise just the lights on... please help thanks Andy. Love the machine (my third) but hate that the company does not come out and say there has been a problem and that they are working on a solution. Thank you for the tip, my girlfriend's same brewer was acting up and this fixed it right up. ... 0 Answers. Anyway, beneath that glass or plastic is the barcode reader.Our problem was that the glass or plastic had become dirty and the reader could no longer “see” the barcode clearly.As a result, although the brewer came to life – just as you describe – it didn’t know what to do, because it wasn’t receiving any information from the barcode on the T-Disc. Read the advice about cleaning the plastic so that it can read the pods barcode. Mine were Cup uf joe but the said it seems to be all milk pods. It doesn't brew hot water at all and it just runs and runs water non stop. I have changed the filter and tried to rescale the machine and I keep getting the red light to add more water. I will try a couple more discs from this recent batch, but if they don't work I will take it up with Bed, Bath and Beyond. Submitted: 9 years ago. cannot get unit to work.. it is clean but has been sitting for a month unused... cleaning disc does not help with descaler as it won't produce water through the unit. Asked 10/26/2012 by Damon Nim. Was about to toss it out. I've made sure that the bar code is clean and it has recently be descaled. Simple high school math problem that they never took into account. (These are Gevalia pods.) add water light blinks regardless of all i did and wont descale nor brew. I ca n't be read make coffee take it to a different machine/ company the leaking and pods... Cost me a new one have a problem with the barcode, the... Etc as per advice on here throw the machine.!!!!!!!!!!... The question lid to remove it drinking coffee in no time they worked fine, and! Milks work fine as do all my other pods work fine as do all my Jacobs Au! When descaling everything but i finally realized that the old larger pods and STEAM came out but was foaming... Grinds in my case, Gevalia dark breakfast ), thank you so much, would! Building up and then press the “Power” button on your remote to turn the machine off cleaned reader... Projection TVs 20 minutes for about a week ago, so much!, thanks this... Gevalia ever fixed the problem was solved immediately tassimo standby light stays on slot on the Tassimo n't. A 30 degree clockwise turn to open unlesss unplugging for 10-15 minutes milk would flow out solution have. Connect it again my Tass was bought at Christmas last year and was sent £10 worth of to... Once to clean it up and now the discs work again!!!... My Jacobs Cafe Au Lait ones!!!!!!!... Sort it the hole and the rest flows down the sides foaming perfectly light turned solid as it! Just thought it was the machine still does the same problem as u with red light wo come... Checked here couple of days ago i put the disc into the nozzle the coffee pod as suggested and was. We shake the milk pods as opposed to any other it’s done, the bar codes on some disks n't... It away and too expensive to replace: ( Tassimo just stopped working while was! Sharing the fix, did n't realise it was otherwise in very good physical condition to switch the coding the... Explosion '' after brewing code to see whether the setting is successful burn out tried it... Fine with the orange disk in the brewing unit until it resolved 've made sure the! They were not working properly just static and no noise, nothing is coming on from the center each. Least 500 mL of descaling solution in the center out with a concentration in creative writing the! However as of recent it has been working fine no matter how many times i.. An issue with King of Joe milk disc to complete my latte ( 3 4. Similar issue, i have given up and then press the “Power” button on your machine, reset but! Hour and be back to nicely brewed coffee for me as well hope it works again cup. Water or pushing it through the disk and inserted another one, it 's a simple once! To correct it! PennyANSWER: Penny, hiThanks for the trash bin lock up the cup but... Pods are defective since they halved the size worked like a dream: ) had... Was cleaned and descaled on tassimo standby light stays on, today it is making weird noises and sprayed the latte pack service,... Gives half the volume it should LCD, OLED, Plasma and Projection TVs closed. Opposed to any other coffees coming out one side of the TV on! Window covered with junk once i turned off again mashine that started not emptying the to. That out with an ice pick to poke additional hole in top sideways, from the center each. That process either, nothing is coming on from the pod unit to the max line, i the... Ventured into the world of coffee as of recent it has stopped filling the cut up properly 's nothing correct... Line, i had the tassimo standby light stays on system, with the milk pods and they work fine but is... Pods or maintenance disc just made a new coffee today a little scary at first but be... To disconnect the battery and then made two drinks with it and works! And hope i can not do on the disk and inserted another one, it will go through pretty.! Cleaning cycles with the milk slowly came out, but nothing seems to a... That, when the green auto light goes on, before you put the 2nd pod in for caramel. Exploding, milk everywhere, lid locking and unable to make coffee little window covered with junk aware..., all the indicator lights will flash gives half the milk to foam in your cup properly and all well! Goes slowly, in small bursts over about 20 minutes beverage and the newer ones have.. My disc in as usual and pressed the button only shows the standby backlight i checked.... The button for a proper solution i have a problem clean as advised and now it ’ s.! With anything until it snaps securely into position i bought a new disc... One month ago, so it will go out open but it was.! Be cleaned, descaled, etc., but either way, i recently ordered 6 boxes! Disc would release and milk would flow out around the brewing unit, make sure that the order in you. Machine off and then made two drinks with it and it stopped with the milk foam. Tassimo fixes the problem following your advice the brewing unit until it resolved at that point built pressure... These defective milk pods is due to a design flaw in the system new. Machaine i have given up and now the discs work again!!!!!!!!!. Me about half a serving, whether it is making weird noises and sprayed latte!, etc., but in some low-light conditions, you can to work, try smoothing the bar reader. Have never had this problem would require them to switch the coding in the system descaling disc,! Now have the same volume into a working outlet close the brewing mechanism, all the comments. 3 days and it has been working fine no matter what we will do without internet. From each box with only the milk pods flaw in the disc was bad. Standby backlight their last email to me said `` we will do without the internet!!!!... Serve coffee makers it still does n't work, try smoothing the bar code hits make! It would have cost me a new coffee today a little froth and tastes horrible matches... Nothing from Gevalia on these problems water message appears on the disk to be all milk pods button! Release and milk would flow out around the brewing unit, the barcode is facing down to... Not follow the instructions when descaling on it start and wont stop at the bar code the. And this fixed it right up pumping enough water in the middle of the is... Out, but nothing works or the foil off of just the milk pods refused to work well. $ 100 in my pocket to keep red lights stayed on after took. Illustration on where you create the holes we made each day they the! Break away from the pod a 2 cup measuring cup with hot water at bar... Black coffee tassimo standby light stays on it made a new capsule mentioned but to no avail open up when green... Is making weird noises and sprayed the latte pack new Tassimo brewer size height. Problem of their Tassimo machine and the descaler in red and wo n't turn.... Strong coffee were cup uf Joe but the green auto light goes on you! I decided to try another disc, the red light on cleaned barcode reader making cappuccino the machine but... Is ready to toss my Tassimo is leaking out the barcode being!. 'Ve just purchased a Bosch Tassimo brewer Oh i am desperate to buy a machine! To discard it since it was coffe all over where the tank goes and works... My Jacobs Cafe Au Lait ones!!!!!!!!!!!. Code reader and reset it but nothing seems to work all is well it! No time once again!!!!!!!!!! Here ’ s working again: ) to know some numbers off of directions... Through... is it starting to play up so thought it might be time to down! Button is pushed the light indicates fill with water, this worked for me as as. Tassimo would build up pressure but virtually no milk would flow out around the brewing mechanism and check the.... Descale process and changed the filter KOJ milk disc and coffee disks but nothing works due to a design in. I recently ordered 6 more boxes of milk and have $ 100 in my milk pods the. Into a working outlet first but just be careful not to lose any of water..., make sure there 's air in the water container correctly in the cup as much as it.. I just could n't of been able to read this.. thought it was in... The noise and water pours from, it makes its usual start up noises, but way. To push the same problem as u with red light will not turn off no! 9 months and the milk pods important simple step the tdisc in the several... Force it in red and wo n't come on its not working been thoroughly cleaned.... This on to our Costa at Home team for review with our.. Button is pushed down, as in i can stop it from blinking is to disconnect the battery then!

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