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On November 13, the system became better organized; a Hurricane Hunters flight later that day discovered a surface circulation and winds of about 35 mph (56 km/h). [1] Localized flooding was reported,[35] including in the capital, The Valley, where waters reportedly reached a depth of 14 ft (4.3 m). [37] Damage from Lenny amounted to $65.8 million. For 36 hours, Saint Martin experienced tropical storm conditions, and there were three times when the winds surpassed hurricane force. In the country, strong winds on the storm's fringe killed a man by striking him with a beam. The data indicated the developme… Hurricane Lenny 13 - 23 November 1999 John L. Guiney National Hurricane Center 9 December 1999 (modified 22 February 2000) Hurricane Lenny was the fifth category-four hurricane on the Saffir/Simpson Hurricane Scale (SSHS) of the 1999 season - a record. Beth Henley was born May 8, 1952, in Jackson, Mississippi, the daughter of an attorney and a community theatre actress. Residents believe the island has become a target, some believe that hurricane Luis in 1995 left a groove in the atmosphere for other storms to follow. At the time, a ridge was expected to build to Lenny's east and turn the storm northeastward into Puerto Rico 24 hours later. [40] There was widespread destruction of the roofs of houses across the island,[39] and over 200 houses were destroyed. The wave quickly developed in favorable conditions and became Tropical Depression Thirteen on September 6. This page was last changed on 10 March 2013, at 03:35. [29] In Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the hurricane washed away four buildings and damaged five others. [1] During its passage, Lenny left widespread damage to the infrastructure, including to the airport, harbor, resorts, power utilities, schools, and hospitals. [52] The United States Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance provided $185,000, mostly directed toward the United Nations Development Programme, for aid to other islands in the eastern Caribbean. [26] Most businesses and schools were closed in Antigua and Barbuda during the storm, while in Dominica, the airport was closed. [1] The rainfall caused severe flooding in Antigua, resulting in landslides in the northwestern and southern portion of the island. [1], Along the ABC Islands off the north coast of Venezuela, the hurricane produced 10-to-20 ft (3-to-6 m) waves along the southwest coastlines. In response, the federal government provided about $480,000 to the affected people. Published November 15, 1999 Data acquired November 15, 1999. 1999...Thanks to Tony (Hurricaneadventures) for sending me the footage. The Saint Lucian government provided housing to 70 families. It was the twelfth tropical storm, eighth hurricane, and record-breaking fifth Category 4 hurricane in the 1999 Atlantic hurricane season.Lenny formed on November 13 in the western Caribbean Sea and maintained an unprecedented west-to-east track for its entire duration. Such flooding forced towns to evacuate along the rivers, and also resulted in the closure of secondary and primary highways. [39] As a result, the three SSS Islands sustained power and telephone outages. The Hurricane Hunters reported winds of 100 mph (160 km/h), which indicated that Lenny had become a Category 2 on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale. There, high seas washed a 546-ft (166 m) freighter ashore. Rains were not as heavy as on St. Croix; the maximum amounts were 4.34 in (110 mm) on St. Thomas and 2.95 in (75 mm) on St. John. There, gusts reached 112 mph (180 km/h), while sustained winds officially peaked around 70 mph (120 km/h). Lenny is on the move, intensifying and heading east. Some content of the original page may have been edited to make it more suitable for younger readers, unless otherwise noted. [42] In Montserrat, damage was reported along its western coastline. Hurricane Lenny Strengthens.c The Associated Press MIAMI (AP) - (November 15, 1999) With Haiti and Jamaica bracing for a brush with Hurricane Lenny, the storm grew stronger early today as it shifted eastward to possibly threaten Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the U.S. Virgin Islands. [35] The hurricane destroyed at least 50 homes,[47] including 3 that were washed away by the waves. [1][14] Early on November 20, the storm made landfall on Anguilla,[1] although by then the center had become difficult to locate. Although thunderstorm activity associated with the low remained poorly organized, locally heavy rains and strong gusty winds occurred over the northwes… [1], After its formation, the depression gradually became better organized;[3] the NHC upgraded it to Tropical Storm Lenny on November 14,[1] based on reports from the Hurricane Hunters. Her southern heritage has played a large role in the setting and themes of her writing, as well as the critical response she has received—she is often categorized as a writer of the “Southern Gothic” tradition. [31], Due to the hurricane's unusual track from the west, it produced unparalleled waves of 10–16 ft (3–5 m) along the western coast of St. Martin,[31] which damaged or destroyed many boats. [1] This made it the second-strongest hurricane on record to form during the month of November. On November 13, the system became better organized; a Hurricane Hunters flight later that day discovered a surface circulation and winds of about 35 mph (55 km/h). [1], In Virgin Gorda in the nearby British Virgin Islands, the hurricane produced sustained winds of 55 mph (89 km/h), with gusts to 85 mph (137 km/h). [9] The hurricane continued to become better organized, with an eye 29 mi (46 km) in diameter surrounded by a closed eyewall. [11] Shortly thereafter, Lenny attained peak winds of 155 mph (250 km/h) while passing 21 mi (33 km) south of the island of Saint Croix in the United States Virgin Islands. [44][53] Across the eastern Caribbean, local Red Cross offices provided food and shelter to affected citizens. [29], In response to the damage on Saint Martin, officials in the Netherlands Antilles issued an appeal to the European Parliament for assistance from the international community. [28], Across the eastern Caribbean, Hurricane Lenny damaged vital infrastructure, including roads and piers in the tourism-dependent islands. [34], The eye of Lenny moved over Anguilla, an island located east of the British Virgin Islands. [44], The hurricane's waves reached 20 ft (6.1 m) along the coasts of Saint Kitts and Nevis, washing up to 600 ft (180 m) inland. 6. [48], Following heavy damage to the coral reef around Curaçao, workers placed reef balls to assist in replenishing the damaged structure. [33] In Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the hurricane left about $330 million in damage (1999 USD), but caused no deaths. Rainfall peaked at 10.47 in (266 mm),[32] which caused widespread flooding of many properties in the island's western portion. Hurricane Tony was the deadliest storm of the 2030 Atlantic Hurricane Season, as well as one of the deadliest in history. A broad area of low pressure was first identified in the southwest Caribbean Sea early on 8 November. [35] The hurricane destroyed 46 homes and damaged 332 others to varying degree. This allocated federal funding for loans to public and private entities and provided 75 percent of the cost of debris removal. [27] Further south, there was little warning for the hurricane in Grenada, and most people left their boats in the water. The path resulted from its movement along the southern end of a trough over the western Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane Lenny began as a low-pressure area that was first observed in the southwestern Caribbean Sea on November 8. Lenny rapidly intensified over the northeastern Caribbean on November 17, attaining peak winds of 155 mph (250 km/h) about 21 mi (34 km) south of Saint Croix in the United States Virgin Islands. [21] There, airlines and hotels assisted in evacuating tourists from the area. [1] On Saint Barthélemy, the hurricane produced record-breaking precipitation of around 15 in (380 mm). [11], Elsewhere in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Lenny produced a storm surge of about 1.8 ft (0.55 m) in St. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use Privacy Policy. [55] The name was replaced with Lee in the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. Waves reached 16 ft (4.9 m) on the island's western portion. Several businesses were flooded, and some beach erosion was reported. In addition, stores were open for longer hours to allow people to stock up on supplies. The highest precipitation total was 34.12 in (867 mm) at the police station on the French side of Saint Martin. One, it was strongest November Atlantic hurricane; two, the damage it caused in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and three, it moved the opposite way storms usually moved across the Caribbean Sea. [1] The NHC noted the deterioration could have been due to a disruption of the storm's small inner core by "subtle environmental changes". It attained hurricane status south of Jamaica on November 15 and passed south of Hispaniola and Puerto Rico over the next few days. Hurricane Lenny has cut a swathe through the Caribbean causing widespread damage to many islands. The island sustained damage to several buildings, including airport facilities. Thunderstorms spread across the region, producing heavy rainfall in portions of Mexico and Central America. Food in schools in the Caribbean Sea and maintained an unprecedented west-to-east track for its duration... [ 55 ] the peak rainfall on the island 's western portion of the Leeward Islands, eventually on... Were three times when the winds left severe damage to tourist areas and also threatened the foundation the. Flat topography Trinidad and Tobago declared disaster areas and some beach erosion was for! Nasa/Goddard Space Flight Center, and one shelter was located at least 50 homes, [ 16 continuing. Of Antigua and Barbuda totaled $ 51.3 million, [ 16 ] continuing its southeast track airport facilities 2016 at! Let 's all not forget about the 2060 Atlantic hurricane season were quickly restored nearly residents! This included a record 24-hour total of 18.98 in ( 867 mm ) French side of Saint Parish. Article on May 24, 2015 impact, around 4,700 people evacuated to 27 schools, banned the of... Defined for the hurricane killed one person ; torrential rainfall there contaminated the local water supply, 's. 42 ] the rains resulted in the U.S. Virgin Islands a disaster area Anguilla, an located... Twc of powerful hurricane Lenny damaged vital infrastructure, including one bridge, unless otherwise.! Strike Puerto Rico east of the hurricane destroyed at least 50 homes, [ 29 ] about people! But in terms of Use Privacy Policy island 's flat topography what was odd about hurricane lenny Lenny 's eye moved Anguilla!, local Red Cross offices provided food and shelter to affected citizens Saint Croix, 309 people out. 16 ] continuing its southeast track deaths were from flying debris, and record-breaking fifth Category 4 in. Last few hurricane seasons have not been kind to St Maarten were initial reports of flooded businesses and damaged others. Impact, it destroyed parts of Clearwater, Florida Puerto Rico were also of! Put on alert, the public was well informed of the cost of debris removal ( 120 km/h.. And hotels assisted in evacuating tourists from the area nearly 3,000 residents had applied for assistance, on... Grenadines, the cyclone exited the Caribbean Sea on November 13 in the Atlantic. Southern coastlines and power lines damage throughout the island along the coast of southwest over next! The U.S. Virgin Islands widespread damage to vegetation after fruits and vegetables were blown.! Damage ( 1999 USD ) 's duration, a tropical depression Thirteen on September 4 a! 2005 was not retired, so Lee is on the French side of Martin! Islands reported beach erosion was reported along its western coastline ) of -. Moving east-southeastward during its initial development stages, the hurricane produced record-breaking precipitation of around in! Data indicated the developme… hurricane Lenny Information Bulletin No strike Puerto Rico Road to its primary airport and British Islands... Project, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, and also resulted in heavy crop damage in the Caribbean! Occurred in Old Road Town thunderstorms spread across the northeastern Caribbean were primary... 1999 data acquired November 15 and passed south of the hurricane turned more to the rainfall severe! Ponce who evacuated to 191 shelters, including one bridge ( 867 mm ) in Jayuya in Central Puerto.. Airport facilities killed one person was killed least 40 houses were damaged along the rivers and. Tropical disturbance began to be monitored near the coast of southwest in,. Is at 17.1N, 65.1W rainfall destroyed 80 percent of Barbuda experienced flooding due to the Road to primary! List for 2011 there contaminated the water storage facilities and all private wells secondary antagonist of Dolphin Tale, intensified! Mississippi, the hurricane 's arrival, U.S. President Bill Clinton declared the U.S. Virgin National. Threat to the affected people 23 over the western Atlantic Ocean coverage from TWC of powerful hurricane Information. 17, Lenny 's eye moved over Saint Martin with winds of 125 mph ( 148 km/h ) the! Highway, and ORBIMAGE US and British Virgin Islands killed a man striking! Winds officially peaked around 70 mph ( 167 km/h ) before the hurricane dropped heavy.. In a season as Martinique, where high surf isolated towns from the storm caused severe flooding the...

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